Food, food, and more food!

I couldn’t possibly choose one meal to reflect on.  My roommate and I spent most of our free nights eating in, because we had such a lovely time walking to the market together and preparing our meals at home.  Not only did this save us money,but it helped us see different sides of Trastavere;  we dealt with people in a very common environment.  At a restaurant, the waitstaff is trained to be polite and inviting, but in the grocery store one is surrounded by families, single people, clerks, etc. who are all doing the same thing; moving forward.  Granted, there were times we had grocery store clerks who did not appreciate our slim knowledge on the Italian language (and I certainly understand that well) but I have to admit I appreciated getting to experience something that felt more authentic. Long live markets!

We did venture off and go to a few restaurants, how could we not?  One of my favorite things to eat was the pizza because it was so unlike what I am used to in the states. Oh, and of course there was gelato. So much gelato.


My dad celebrated a birthday while I was in Rome, and my roommate had the brilliant idea of calling him to sing “Happy Birthday”!  We bought the most dreamlike tiramisu I have ever had, and we called him via FaceTime. It was one of the best memories I have of our time in Trastavere: IMG_2014

Finally, another noteworthy meal would have to be one that our lovely hostesses prepared for us in their apartment. For that I say, grazie!

IMG_1951 IMG_1955

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  1. Prego! Wonderful food memories.

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